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5 Solar Power Myths Debunked

5 Solar Power Myths Debunked

With energy hikes threatening our financial stability, consumers are considering renewable energy sources to save money. Switching to solar is a very attractive option for U.S. homeowners. Solar panels reduce the dependency on local electricity grids thus, lowering or completely eliminating energy bills. However, there are still many myths about solar energy that prevent people from taking a closer look at the benefits of solar power. We’ve compiled a list of the most common misconceptions about solar energy and debunked them.
Tech Giant Signs Its First Clean Energy Deal in Asia

Tech Giant Signs Its First Clean Energy Deal in Asia

Following Apple Inc.’s initiative to go solar, Microsoft confirms its first ever renewable energy deal in Asia. The tech giant has partnered with Singaporean solar firm, Sunseap Group, for a planned 60 megawatt-peak solar portfolio. The 20-year contract will focus on serving datacenter energy consumption. Microsoft announced on their official blog that they purchased 100 percent of the renewable output from Sunseap’s rooftop solar project to power their datacenter operations in Singapore.
How Does a Solar System Generate Electricity?

How Does a Solar System Generate Electricity?

Thanks to solar panels, humankind can now harness power from the sun. The first ever practical solar cell was invented by scientists at Bell Telephone Labs. In 1954, they demonstrated to the world that sunlight can be turned into electricity. This milestone in renewable energy later led to the development of modern photovoltaic solar panels. It also started the widespread manufacture of solar cell energy systems, providing both financial and environmental benefits.