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When you go solar with Offset Solar, you facilitate the sale and distribution of fifty solar lights to a community in need.

Since 2017 we have been able to help impact the lives of 38,672 people.

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Protecting Your Roof While Installing Solar Panels

Protecting Your Roof While Installing Solar Panels

With catastrophic climate change worries and many people worldwide trying to do their part to effect positive environmental changes, more people today than ever before are working to incorporate solar energy sources into their home or office locations. Keeping the fact that solar is an environmentally friendly source of renewable energy and one that can not only help lower a power bill but can also potentially help increase property value, property owners need to know how to protect a roof when installing solar panels.
Should You Remove Trees for Solar Panel Performance?

Should You Remove Trees for Solar Panel Performance?

Trees and solar have a similar effect on the environment when it comes to mitigating carbon—but they do not always get along. Trees cause shading and reduce the output and efficiency of solar panels. In most cases, trimming just a few branches may suffice. However, maximizing solar benefits could also mean cutting down a tree or two. Does it ever make sense to cut down carbon-absorbing trees just for solar? The answer is, surprisingly, yes. Here is some information that could help you make the right choice.
Is Your Roof a Good Match for Solar?

Is Your Roof a Good Match for Solar?

With solar installation becoming an affordable option for many, it comes as no surprise that it’s considered the fastest growing energy source in the world. In the last decade, solar energy has seen an average annual growth rate of 54%. As homeowners begin the process of solar shopping, one of the first questions asked should be: “How suited is my roof for solar panel installation?” The good new is, solar panels are designed to be compatible with most types of roofing. If you’re thinking about switching to solar, here are the roof qualities you need to consider to determine if your home is ready.