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300+ Trees Planted to Benefit Spokane River

300+ Trees Planted to Benefit Spokane River

Spokane’s urban forest has up to 375 different species of trees that are over 80,000 in inventory but it still needs more. Every year, trees across the city property are prone to damage as they are exposed to freezing rain and flourishing beaver population. As a solution, local environment officials encourage people to continue to plant trees until future generations are surrounded by a million trees.

Spokane’s urban forest provides many economic, health and environmental benefits for both city residents and businesses. Trees not only improve air quality by filtering out harmful airborne particles but also contribute to summer cooling, saving energy costs. More so, trees play an important role in preventing untreated stormwater from flowing into the Spokane River.

A total of 292 volunteers helped plant over 300 native tree species along the creek in just two hours. The saplings will one day grow sturdy roots that will help improve water quality in the area. These future trees will also provide much-needed shade, reduce traffic noise, and even create a better visual presence for our wonderful city.

According to the Outreach Coordinator, the tree planting service was “the largest group of volunteers the Lands Council has had yet.” Our team members, together with their families and friends, had a great time playing in the dirt on that beautiful sunny day!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today. We were so thrilled to have the Offset Solar team attend! Offset has been great for our volunteer events and we really appreciate the company's dedication,” The Lands Council Coordinator added.

Thank you, Lands Council, for organizing such a rewarding event!

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